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TONS of winders in Canada

JS Moore (still doing it to my knowledge)
Vineham Pickups
Sanford Magnetics
Reilander Pickups
Sigil Pickups
Mcnelly Pickups
MJS Pickups
Lauzon Pickups
Tone Emporium Pickups (they sell some guitar parts too)
Romain Pickups
Chevalier Pickups

There are a lot more but I can't think of any more.

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I'll give a +1 to Vineham. I have his 59s in my LP and I just put a Broadcaster bridge with a Vivid humbucker neck in my Tele last night. I still have to work on dialling in pickup height and stuff for the new setup, but they sound pretty good so far.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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