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I'm new-ish to GC and I'm looking for feedback on what seems to me an amazing sounding amp.
I've played Mesa amps for almost 20 years and have always wanted a IIC+ but could never find one... that I could afford. The JP-2C seems too good to be true.
I'm curious to know whether the JP-2C owners out there are still loving it and if you have any interesting feedback--or regrets--now that this rig has been out in the wild for the past 18 mo or so. Home/rehearsal vs studio live/road feedback?
Also, when I tested out the JP-2C a few months ago, it was at what I would consider to be low volume so I wasn't able to judge whether it would suit my current style of music, which might best be described as poppy post-90s fuzz rock.
Fuzzy Rock and Warm Feels, by The Suffering Booth
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I'd really appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Thanks!
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