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i have a theory about this. maybe it's wrong, but maybe not:

back in the day, there were proof readers. i only know about them, because my cousin was one. i don't remember now who she worked for, but when ever anyone wrote an article, it was passed to her for grammar, spelling and punctuation, sentence structure, etc. at some point, someone developed software to do this. of course the software isn't going to get it right all the time, it's not human, and can't make decisions the same way a person might.

some of you may notice a certain irony here. me of all people commenting on a thread about this subject. for the purpose of clarity, i do it deliberately. i always go back and check my spelling. it's rare to find a spelling mistake in my post.
i'm not a fan of capitol letters or punctuation, and let's be honest here - i've turned run-on sentences into an art form.
but my spelling is almost always good.
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