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J45 love, songwriter

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I will apologize up front, I don't have pix. But I just wanted to express my admiration for my 2011 workhorse. Any stock photos would be welcome right now because I don't have the where-with-all.

It's nothing special, just a Bozeman, slope shoulder production number, brown burst. This one has a 4 pc. top ( I think, my eyes are weak ) and Gover tuners, yea!

My point is, I just wrote a song on it. It plays like my other Gibson. Same scale, same sweet spots, same neck.
Very friendly, articulate, when you step out, it has your back.
I'm a songwriter/guitar player, I don't ask much of my axe, but it has to have my back!
I wore out a 1970 Gibson acoustic ( if those strings could sing...) and I bought this. I'm happy.

My point is, find your sweet spot and pursue it relentlessly!

Thanks for reading. I'll post some demos tomorrow.
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When shopping for my "rest of my life" acoustic I tried a few J-45s and found they sounded kind of "muffled".

Maybe this great for singing over as it's not competing for the same frequencies but it didn't do it for me.

Went with a new Martin D-18.

Lots of singer songwriters I like play J-45s.
im a j45er as well, I tried 5 and found the one, lowered the saddle and life is good again, enjoy the forum and have a great day jim
Growing up in NB with lots of guitar players around me, the J45 was the one most talked about and sought after. Funny, I've never played one although I've had the opportunity a number of times. Perhaps it's about time I did.
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cant hurt to try one out.... my goal has been to try as many ( guitars) as possible, and keep a few !
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