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It's here!

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Arrived today... the 2x12 Avatar cab from the contest!

Pic isn't so good since it's 3 AM... but you can still see it. I'm likin' my lil' practice setup, it's 10 times better now... those Vintage 30's rock!

Thanks again Steamco Music and Guitars Canada!
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Thats sexy.

What contest are we speakin of, by the way? :confused:

have you got a chance to play through it yet, at 3 am?
This one:

I'm playin' through it right now... not too loud, but not quiet :tongue:

I've got the Randall goin' through it right now, sounds a lot better then what it did usin' the stock speaker.
Congrats on the win!

Looks really nice, but I'm sure it sounds a whole lot better!
Been jammin' pretty loud with it for a couple hours now... sounds so much better. Gonna' try it with the all-tube Marshalls later and see if I should replace the speakers in my 1960s... don't even know what's in there lol. Now I know where to buy 'em online... shipping was pretty fast too, they shipped it on the 13th and it got here on the 16th.

GC Mug should be here next week I'm thinkin', thanks again!

* runs back to play *
Mug should have been there by now, I will check on that for you
Oh... maybe it'll come today. Mail dude usually comes around 11:30 so I'll let you know.
Just checked... no mug yet, :frown: I did get a free 2008 calendar though... hah.
The cab looks good,...congrats again Violation! :rockon2:
Fantastic. Once you get them broken in, you must post some clips,... or else you have to give the cab to me. :D :D :D
lookin good man! congrats on that win :)
Thanks!... thing is very, very cool. After playin' it real loud with some tube amps I'm convinced I need to swap out the speakers in my other cabs for Vintage 30's, they're great.

Soundclips, I don't think they would be too good since I'd being using a SM58, but when my laptop comes I'll try it out.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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