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Baconator said:
IMHO, $750 is a GREAT deal for an 'excellent condition' MIA strat, if it comes with the case. W/o the case it's still a pretty good deal - at least I don't often see them at that price.

I see them quite frequently online with asking prices of $900. They never seem to go for that much though. Same with MIA Teles. I have asked a few people what they sold for and it's usually around $750-800. And that is definitely with an OHSC. Which I have found is roughly what they are going for used in the States now too (with exchange).

There seems to be a LOT of used MIA Strats and Teles that come up on Craigslist and Kijiji lately as well too. Which is weird because for awhile it was rare to come across Teles, never mind MIA ones.

I think the MIM Classic Series Fenders are great guitar, but when you can get a used MIA with a hardshell case, and better stock pickups for the same price as a new Classic Series, it's a no brainer.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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