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Hello and thanks for the great forum. As you've no doubt already guessed I'm new here, but I have already benefited greatly from some of the threads.
I do not play guitar, or any other musical instrument. I do however have a love of woodworking, finishing and re-finishing furniture, etc.
My son (16) does play guitar however, and thus my reason for being here.
He presently has two guitars, a really cheap Yamaha electric and a slightly more expensive Takamine acoustic/electric.
He has definitely outgrown the Yamaha, so I recently placed an order with and got all the parts I need to build a Strat clone. I decided to make it easy for the first guitar build and bought a ready made neck and a pre-carved and routed body, so I can concentrate on finished and assembly/setup. If all goes well, I may venture further, but we'll wait and see how this turns out.
Anyway, I hope you can tolerate some dumb questions I may present.
Edit: Oh, I just glanced at the thread 'Its A Blond by Lowtones. Drool
Absolutely gorgeous.
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