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Gilliangirl said:
Rats! I would have gone had I known about it. How was it? I signed up for the mailing list so hopefully can catch it next time around.
Phenomenal finger picking talent!!! They could play something fierce. Good to see.

That said, being a crappy flat picker I really didn't get to take anything out of it.

Of the 4 guitarists our Canadian finger picking champ won for coolest songs and best tone by far. I was pretty far back but I was guessing he had a Morgan, no clue on the pickup though. It sounded pretty natural so I'd guess K&K.

Pepino D'agostino and Andrew White were running Piezos and they sounded horrible. I'd say that Andrew's guitar would have sounded great unplugged, Pepino's Seagull wouldn't of.

That's my take on it...

Oh yah and there was no beer there, which sucked!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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