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10 second Neil Young history - Neil Young, Goldy McNeil (Steppenwolf), David Palmer (Buffalo Springfield) and Rick James :confused-smiley-010 (i.e. Superfreak) were in a Toronto band called the Mynah Birds (sp?) in the mid-sixties. They got signed to Motown but Rick James was arrested for being AWOL from the Navy. John Eaton had bought Neil an electric guitar (he only had an accoustic) and amps for the band. Once James was arrested Neil and Palmer sold the gear to go to California to try to find Stephen Stills ... which they did in a traffic jam ... and they went on to form Buffalo Springfield (the name on a truck or some construction equipment if memory serves).

Greg Lake (ELP) was the lead singer and bass player on King Crimson's first album - In the Court of the Crimson King.
1 - 1 of 78 Posts
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