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I switched to linux almost a year ago and have been very pleased with it.

It's still a bit of a tweakers OS; when things go wrong you may have to get your hands dirty on the command line but those instances are becoming few and far between. I've certainly not had any more trouble with linux than I had with windows.

One of the big advantages of linux is the lack of DRM and product activation hassles. If you want to add or swap out hardware you don't have to call MS and ask for permission.

Another advantage are the software repositories. There are literally thousands of programs ready to be installed at the click of a button. If the program you want isn't in the repositories, you can often download the appropriate packages from the web and install it or, if you're so inclined, compile and install from source.

I'd encourage anyone even remotely curious about linux to download one of the many live cd distributions and, when you've got some spare time, give it a whirl. Simply burn the CD or DVD image, reboot (perhaps setting the BIOS to boot from CD), and play around for a while. When you're done, reboot and remove the disk from the drive and you'll be back in windows. The live CD's don't affect your existing OS install in any way.
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