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Inflatable boats?

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In the last few years I've been getting out much more with my kids as they grow up and are able to do more with me outdoors. We visit the mountains often and stay with friends at their lake place. We all enjoy fishing and getting out. I've thought about buying a decent inflatable boat so we can get out on the water, lake and river. Do any of you water and cottage guys have some solid recommendations on what to look at?
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I actually have two Zodiak inflatable boats. I bought my first one in 1988 and have used it to go fishing with my family. Make sure you buy something similar in construction, not some plastic tube covered with a mesh type material. They are expensive (mine cost 1800.00 back then) but will outlast any of the cheaper inflatables. My 10 ft. model weighs about 70lbs all in. Easy to transport either on your car top or in your trunk. I bought the Zodiak trailer wheels and mounted them on the transom. This makes it easier to pull and you can put all your gear in it. Easy to assemble (about 15 minutes including blowing it up with a foot pump) These are very durable and very safe. I have had two repairs done by a professional in almost 30 years. Keep them stored inside and not in the sun when not in use. I have had a 9.9, a 6hp and now have a 2.5 cause of the weight. With the 9.9 these really fly!!! What sold me on these was the video they had at the time about putting a Renault car on the boat. Even with one tube deflated, they float. I actually have done this and like i said, very safe. It has resisted rocks, sand and even a few flying fishing hooks no problem. They are great for jumping off into the water and easy to get back in. Look on Kijij for a used one. Best of luck and if you need any more info, please feel free to contact me.
Happy fishing.
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Its a great concept especially if space is an issue. No trailer needed, or it's licensing, maintenance, storage space etc. considering moving to one also. I have 2 boats on trailers, a tent trailer and a utility trailer and it's getting stupid.
Space is a big issue for us too. We live in a town house with a single laneway and no access to backyard except walk through. All good points that you shared. Best of luck getting one soon.
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I like the Zodiac option and I found Seamax as a similar product comparison. We have some dealerships around here I'm going to stop in at and check things out. I definitely don't want the Walmart or CanTire special in this case. I'd like something rugged enough to take on the rocky shore of the Bow River in the mountains and be portable enough that I don't need a trailer to haul it around on.
Yep, any Zodiak type made of special woven mesh will do the job. There are a lot of makers out there. My last Zodiak i found on Kijiji at 350.00 it was a bargain considering it was about 1600.00 brand new.
If you have the space, and the vehicle, embrace, don't fear the trailer. They are so useful in many ways.
You're going to be short on space in your vehicle once you fit the inflatable, paddles, outboard, tank, pfds, etc. Might make your vehicle smell gassy....there's always drips.
I'm personally an aluminum boat guy, along with millions of others. So practical and durable. But I can appreciate that not everyone has the space for one, or might have some issues with the trailer they usually require.
I agree if you have the space to store the trailer by all means. You can also leave it blown up and put it on top of a SUV or wagon no issues. I drive a Honda Element and thats what i do. It saves time on setting it up once you get to the water especially when the bugs are out!!! Another thing about inflatables is that you can portage them if need be.
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