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Inflatable boats?

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In the last few years I've been getting out much more with my kids as they grow up and are able to do more with me outdoors. We visit the mountains often and stay with friends at their lake place. We all enjoy fishing and getting out. I've thought about buying a decent inflatable boat so we can get out on the water, lake and river. Do any of you water and cottage guys have some solid recommendations on what to look at?
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Its a great concept especially if space is an issue. No trailer needed, or it's licensing, maintenance, storage space etc. considering moving to one also. I have 2 boats on trailers, a tent trailer and a utility trailer and it's getting stupid.
There is one nice thing about a trailer, and that's that you can store all your gear inside while the boat is in storage/transit and it minimizes your set up and load up time at the dock/launch. I store one in the garage, and literally the only thing I do when I put it away after a day of fishing, is tidy up my gear and charge the batteries.

Convenience costs space however.
There's always a trade-off isnt there?

Want a Les Paul but like three single coils too?

Blondes brunettes redheads ?

Always trade-offs
Um .. Ginger and Mary Ann.o_O
Beat me to it. Anybody got a cigarette?

If Gilligan shows up to that party... I'd tell him that skipper was looking for him...aka go away
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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