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Hey anybody checkout Indie Band Canada yet?
From their terms I got this and somehow it don't seem right to me.
Do you recognize these words as being standard on these types of sites?
Seems to me that you're giving them the right to do whatever they want with the material you submit.
Please comment.
I was going to sign up but stopped when I read these words:

Your content
By submitting sound recordings or musical compositions or other audio and/or audio-visual content to us, you grant us, our affiliates, and our business partners a worldwide, royalty-free, nonexclusive license to:p
publicly perform, publicly display, broadcast, encode, edit, alter, modify, reproduce, transmit, manufacture, distribute and synchronize with visual images your material, in whole or in part, alone or in compilation with content provided by third parties, through any medium now known or hereafter devised for the purpose of demonstrating, promoting or distributing your material, to users seeking to download or otherwise acquire it and/or (ii) storing the work in a remote database accessible by users;
Make your material accessible as audio streams,
Use any trademarks, service marks or trade names incorporated into your material and use the likeness of any individual whose performance or image is contained in your material.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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