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My little brother came down from back home to go with me to the Molson Amphitheater Thursday. A band called Simon Dawes was the first band. Mike (guitarist from Incubus) came out and played a song with them. Then The Bravery from NY. These guys had a pretty big stage presence and were VERY entertaining to watch. Would definetly see them again if they were doing their own show or opening for someone else. Then of course, it was Incubus.

As with any concert I go to, we had pit tickets. Front row right stage. Security did a really good job keeping everything in check and booting the trouble makers. The set was comprised mainly of songs from their Morning View album. Many long-time fans I had spoken to and myself included said that they didn't play very much from either of their first two albums. The second one being the greatest in my opinion.

Definetly a very enlightening and spiritual evening. They played Drive (a staple Incubus tune) and Are You In which I understand isn't performed often. I also found a new appreciation for a song called Love Hurts (not a Nazareth cover). When they played Megalomaniac things got pretty rowdy... I LOVED every second of it. :rockon2:

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