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I've done plenty of that, even when they don't tell you what key its in. I've hosted lots of jams, and talent shows where the singers come up to sing something you've never heard before, tell you its in G, start singing in A, and then drop and add beats to the bar. Its heads-up hockey and good experience if you can stand it.

I've done a lot of "gun for hire" gigs ,too. Its more fun if your sitting in with really good players and you can "go where no band has gone before" without the wheels falling off. Even in my own bands we would leave the arrangements as loose as possible to allow wiggle room in case we wanted to "deviate" or if someone came up to jam. We had cues worked out to bring it home so it would'nt crash and burn. In fact, I'm really not interested in playing music without some degree of improvisation, even if its just the solos, as it becomes drudgery night after night. Learning someone else's solo and playing it note for note every night is just....pointless.

Have fun at your jig, Paul! :rockon2:
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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