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Hamm Guitars said:
I've used PayPal and the time that they give you to transfer the other way (from them to your bank) is always shorter than they tell you it is going to be. I got my last transfer in a little over a day. I think they give you the eta on the late side to keep you from trying to contact them.

Has anyone ever tried to contact e-bay? There is a nightmare. They have pages that allow you to ask choice questions or report certain problems, but if your issue does not fall into one of these categories you are SOL. A company of that size should have a toll free support number - at least for sellers.

eBay is too big now to answer all inquiries. It's a shame that eBay and Paypal IS the same entity. Never ending fees, problems can't be solved, basically, they don't care much, they have millions of users paying fees and they make tons of cash. The more that things change, the more they stay the same. I bet when eBay started, when they were hungry, when they were innocent and pure the service was top notch. Now that they make millions daily, they just don't care, just like every other big company. They are all there for the money. At first, they wanna do good and do the right thing but as soon as they start to really pile up money, they quickly forget about "doing what's right", everything becomes "cashable". The more you make, the more you want. I'm tired of eBay.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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