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IM a newbie

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HI all.. Another old Vintage Guitar player here.I live near Napanee/ Kingston ,. I am 49 yrs old married / with children :) I dont belong to any bands, but would injoy a good jam now and then, if anybody is near me. I like Classic rock, heavy rock, and new country is pretty cool also.

I own several Guitars and a few amps. I started out playing soild body but now i like the hollowbody electrics.,. A 1966 Guild T-100 is the oldest guitar i have. I also bought a les paul Custom brand new, in 1982.
I bought a few deArmonds ( copy of a Guild) and thats what i play now..

Hope to get to know a few people on here

Cheers Rick:rockon2:
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hey Rick31797...
welcome to the board....
its a great one for sure.....
I'm also pretty sure they a quite a few eastern ontario people here as well....
good luck on the search for some jammin partners...

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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