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I know you weren't NB-SK, I just wanted to re-state my pos'n before the thread started to, well, you-know.

Aside; My niece has just returned from Korea with her daughter of almost 4, daddy is still in Korea. 'Peanut' is an amazing kid, I almost die from laughing at her wit and antics. She calls me 'myself'.
Is her husband Korean?

PS. There's an increasing number of Koreans moving to New Brunswick. Over the last 5 years, New Brunswick has become one of the choice destinations for Koreans who want to live abroad. I've seen articles in newspapers and magazines about it. Cheap land, fresh air, good educational system, excellent universities, growing economy, etc. New Brunswick is trying really hard to get Koreans to move there because they generally start their own businesses, which creates jobs. In fact, Immigration gives them extra 'points' if they pick New Brunswick, which moves them up near the top of the list of applicants who want to go to Canada. There are quite a few Koreans in Moncton now.
41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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