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Lets see what you guys would consider the ULTIMATE PICKUP!!!
Please list, and give reasons for (if possible. You don't have to, (I probably wont because I do not know a lot about pickup dynamics), but it would be nice if you know): (When I say give reasons for, I mean like "I picked 15k DC resistance because I want it to really drive an amp hard" or "I picked Alnico V magnets because of thier pick response," or whatever reason you have for your choices. this should be a very interesting and informative thread about how the individual parts of a pickup influence the overall sound, and it should be interesting what kind of dream pickup people want lol! :rockon:

ok here we goooo! Here are the options you have to pick.

-Whether Active or passive

-Type of pickup (humbucker, single coil, P90, telecaster, etc...)

-Type of pole pieces (screws, regular, rails)

-Whether pole-pieces are staggered or not, etc.

-Position of pickup (bridge, middle, neck, etc)

-Ideal EQ you would like. Place in format t/m/b where t=treble, m=middle, and b=bass. Place on a scale of 1-10 where 10 is highest. So a pickup which somebody would want to have lots of treble, neutral mids, and low bass, would be like this:

T/ M/ B
9/ 5/ 2

-Magnet type (Alnico, Alnico II, Alnico V, ceramic, etc...)

-Gauss strength

-Wire type and gauge

-Approximate D.C. resistance (how hot the pickup is...measured in "k")

-Coil tapping options, etc.


-Cosmetic options (color of pickup parts, etc...)
-Resonant Peak
-Covers or no covers and type (gold, nickel, titanium haha, etc Drool )
-Type of bobbins, etc...purely optional

Some of these options are specific to different types of pickups. For instance, staggered pole pieces is more for single coils, etc.

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For me anyway, I know it's not very detailed, but its all I know right now haha

-Whether Active or passive Passive - because I like passives.

-Type of pickup Humbucker - More for a rock type guitar.

-Type of pole pieces Regular

-Whether pole-pieces are staggered or not, etc. Not

-Position of pickup (bridge, middle, neck, etc) Neck - I want it for soloing.

-Ideal EQ you would like.

T/ M/ B
7/ 8/ 6

-Magnet type Alnico V - because it will supposedly round off some of the highs and give a warmer sound.

-Gauss strength I dont know

-Wire type and gauge Doesnt matter

-Approximate D.C. resistance 15.5 k - To make the pickup hot enough to drive an amp nicely, as well as still be able to give good cleans.

-Coil tapping options, etc. Not coil tapped


-Cosmetic options: Whole pickup colored black

-Resonant Peak: Don't know

-Covers or no covers and type: Gold covers

-Type of bobbins, etc: Doesn't matter

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david henman said:
...a logical impossibility: a noiseless single coil and/or p90 that responds like a traditional single coil/p90.

Evans are the closest to a noiseless single coil that I have found. They are even quieter than many humbuckers.
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