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I was in another thread commenting and it made me think of this idea:( quote from the other thread)

"Im getting them in a random order. Here's the next one I got. it's the duo jam of the bassist and drummer while I was preparing my stuff. I never realized how harmonically rich it is.

Then I came to think: "This is a great track to Jam over. I bet the dudes over at GC would give it a shot. Look for a new thread."

Please I encourage you to Jam over this Track.

Presenting Jamie Batista, among the best bassist's I've had the chance to jam with. LMK if you wanna hear more. we've jammed probably 40 times together. 30 of them recorded for sure. If you like, then please "like".
the whole playlist is here:
in this one, Guitasmack, I introduce to you the "shawarma" scale. I hope you like hummus!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts