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I was robbed

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Someone stole my wallet while I was out and that had the 500 that i got from selling the gt-8.Only reason I sold that beautiful thing was so I could be out of debt and now im worse off than ever. i just want things to go well for once.
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It was on top of one of my large speakers (home theater) with the money in it and the blind was open. I went to ask the people upstairs something (i live in a sectioned off basement flat) and was gone for about 45 minutes. Aren't I happy. Not helping that I have to step around a shitload of broken glass (yeah i was pissed last night) to use the comp.
I actually realized karma is BS. I've had a horrid life with many tries to end it (one last night). Shit never "pans out". Just a stupid silly game.
im pretty much anti-religion. i like it if it makes people happy but too often it's used as an excuse to descriminate or worse. humans are vile creatures. im just gonna sell my whole guitar rig and give up on music.
Jeff Flowerday said:
Never put money in my wallet. I put it in my pocket. They have to steal my pants if they want it.
Yeah but Im 6'2 and weigh 140. I can easily be assaulted.
Sorry if I came off as a bit of a douche. I call the hotline, cops took me to the hospital, released me and now I have a psych appointment sometime today.
1 - 6 of 26 Posts
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