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I was robbed

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Someone stole my wallet while I was out and that had the 500 that i got from selling the gt-8.Only reason I sold that beautiful thing was so I could be out of debt and now im worse off than ever. i just want things to go well for once.
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I hope you called the credit card companies to try and track him...and close down your credit card account...
SinCron said:
im pretty much anti-religion. i like it if it makes people happy but too often it's used as an excuse to descriminate or worse. humans are vile creatures. im just gonna sell my whole guitar rig and give up on music.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You cant do that....go emo if you have to (jk)...but dont give up music! I know its hard to see any good coming out of this...but dont focus on your circumstances.
SinCron said:
Yeah but Im 6'2 and weigh 140. I can easily be assaulted.
carry a taser :p

or better yet....

a CD of shania twain to use as a type of throwing blade.
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I see in your profile you are 21. Dont give up that easily! Press on! We all go through hard times, some of us harder than others, but still try and press on. Dont let your troubles get you down...

If you keep it up I will have to do a cover of "lean on me"...and trust me...youd don't want to hear that haha :)
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