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Thanks for all of you who provided advice on my "snap, crackle, pop" issue. Although I haven't really put the amp through an extensive test I'm a bit embarrased at what I think might have fixed the problem!
Perhaps it's human nature (or life's experience!) that convinces us that the easiest fix is unlikley to be the cause of the problem but in this case I think it is true.
After having gone through changing resistors, capacitors and tubes as suggested, I was still getting my noise problem. Unsure what to do next I happened to touch the PI tube and surprise, surprise it made a big crackling noise. I knew the tube was ok so I became suspicious about the tube socket. So, I decided to do what I think someone had suggested to me earlier on in my previous thread-clean and tension the preamp tube sockets. Low and behold it seems to have worked!
I have always cleaned and tensioned the Power tube and rectifier sockets but naively thought that because the preamp tubes always seemed to fit snuggly that they were ok. Wrong!
Maybe my noise will come back but regardless, lesson learned!
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