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I swear half the people on Kijiji are tools...

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... haha, maybe just the ones located around me.

I posted a Marshall head on there and the description says: "100% perfect condition. Never gigged only used in my bedroom to practice.. no scratches, dings or dents." ... I get an e-mail "have any dings? anything wrong with it?"

I also posted a Xbox 360... the title clearly said "Xbox 360 CORE"... get an e-mail, guy asks for pics so I send them along. Next reply: "Its not the Premium edition?"... I reply "Care to read the title once over?". 3 minutes later: "Ok then Josh, go **** yourself and your shitty attitude. I will shop elsewhere and also put an ad up telling people yours is a scam. I was going to buy it tonight, but your a mouthy ass I see. Have a great day."

Haha, anyway the government can pass a law to ban all 10 year olds from the Internet? :tongue:
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Haha that's brutal. For a second I thought I was the only one attracting these people.
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