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I Luv Epiphone

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For the money, my Les Paul Standard really Southern rocks for me. :DevilGuitar:
Sweet blues leads too!
Tuned "Open E" & using a glass-slide for "raunchy old blues "will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up! Yowza!!
I got the translucent amber finish on mine..beauteefull!
I top-wrap mine with #10 Slinkys! Oooh La La!
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I've certainly seen and heard lots of Epiphones which were questionable, but lately some of the better ones are quite good bang for the buck, and worth considering.

I rarely even try the cheap guitars I find in the shops, but last year I actually purchased a finish flawed (and thus price reduced) Epiphone Dot Studio. You know, faded cherry finish, 335 design without fingerboard dots, single volume and tone, 3 way pu switch. The tuners were complete and utter crap, and I knew that at the point of purchase, so I replaced them with Gotoh 510s. Added strap lock buttons too. But it's a damn good 335 at an entry level price. Eventually a pickup upgrade will be considered as the stock ones area a bit bland, but they're serviceable for now.

Not my first call axe, but a worthy addition to the fold.

Peace, Mooh.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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