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Who would of thought that my tube amp repairs experience would help me in other areas in my life !?! :oops:

My AC is not always on at home since it’s central and I like warm weather with open windows. That being said, when humidity brings up the temp to 36-42 the AC gets put on. Well this week the AC was turned on but no cold air was coming out, just air. Tried the heat (AC unit heats till -20) and no heat, just air. :cry:

So went online to see what could be thd problem. Most places told my to call a technician, others said my pump most likely had a leak and would need to be filled or completely replaced ! Fuck me !!! :eek:

Kept digging on the internet and was advised to check my capacitors in the pump ! Hey , I’m familiar with caps ! Lol ;)

Unplugged the caps, measured them and behold, one cap was dead. Looked on the web at my electronics surplus stores and for a whooping $10, bought the needed cap and fixed my home AC unit!

Here is the bad cap:

Again, who would of thought amp repairs would save me money elsewhere in life !!!
I’m a happy man today ! ;)
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