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I Did it and here is a sound clip

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Well to make the story short, I did the wiring below to my strat, while upgrading the entire wiring, including wires, using the guitarfetish strat upgrade kit. I bought some wire from a place in Calgary called active electronics.

heres the clip of the wiring mod done

edit: updated clip

I just plugged in an overdrive (visualsound jekyll and hyde dual overdrive) to the "line in" on my pc, and connected the guitar to sound quality isn't very good...sorry :D...but at least you can hear the different tones. In the clip, I change switch position for each individual lick. I have all knobs at 10 for ease of recording. I can get a lot more tones though if I play with the tone pot and the blend pot...its ALL the tones I find are very usable!!! Something the stock wiring didnt have much of...

sounds much better through a tube amp haha...I used ceramic capacitors btw, so perhaps an orange drop cap would sweeten it up even more.
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Can certainly hear the difference in the tone(s), pretty cool mod. Gotta work on them bends though!
What are you talking about? Its not a competition smartass...Im trying to demonstrate my wiring...
Wow, calm down.

I commented on the tones and threw in a suggestion to work on the bends. Sue me for trying to help you.
Get VLC. Excellent movie player.
Yep, VLC and MPC are the best out there IMO.
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