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I Did it and here is a sound clip

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Well to make the story short, I did the wiring below to my strat, while upgrading the entire wiring, including wires, using the guitarfetish strat upgrade kit. I bought some wire from a place in Calgary called active electronics.

heres the clip of the wiring mod done

edit: updated clip

I just plugged in an overdrive (visualsound jekyll and hyde dual overdrive) to the "line in" on my pc, and connected the guitar to sound quality isn't very good...sorry :D...but at least you can hear the different tones. In the clip, I change switch position for each individual lick. I have all knobs at 10 for ease of recording. I can get a lot more tones though if I play with the tone pot and the blend pot...its ALL the tones I find are very usable!!! Something the stock wiring didnt have much of...

sounds much better through a tube amp haha...I used ceramic capacitors btw, so perhaps an orange drop cap would sweeten it up even more.
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lol sorry kinda pissed off right now...stupid computer wont play my DVDs...need to download something that will play my MPEG files. For some reason windows media player isnt working.
Get VLC. Excellent movie player.
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