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Gibson uses '57 Classics in the '61 RI. They potted and the winds are balanced, Alnico 2s. Burstbuckers aren't potted, and the winds are approximate - also Alnico 2s. That gives them a more vintage edge over the the creamier '57s. Gear/Pickups/

Also it depends on what you want to spend. If you are cash strapped, GFS pickups by GuitarFetish offers a variety - I've read a lot good comments about them. Great bang for the buck

If you got bucks to blow, then there is always WRCs, Lollars, Wolfetones, Voodoos, Bareknuckles, Rio Grandes, etc.....

Or,... you can get a custom set wound here in Canada by J.S.Moore. Amazing bang for the buck. or his eBay site:
(P.S. He's in Hamilton !)

I have '57s in a MIJ Epiphone semi-hollow and I'm happy with them. I have a set of custom wound Moore P90s in my Hamer P90 Special.
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