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I have an old Session by Riverhead Sound Research that I am planning on fixing up for my son. Currently it has three on/off switches for each pickup, but I have seen a lot of alternative wiring to this. However, all the diagrams I have seen have not been 100% accurate to my set up. I have drawn up a diagram for a Humbucker with series/off/parallel wiring and the middle and neck still with on/off switches. These diagrams are wired for Seymour Duncan pickups with 4 wires.

Is this diagram correct? I am confused on the on/off positions, if I am understanding correctly, in my diagram the pickup is wired to the "lower" lug on the switch so that when in the on position it connects with that wire? In the off position the "top" lug isn't connected to anything therefore not a complete circuit? Also, with that logic, would the bridge toggle positions be correct according to this wiring?

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