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Google is starting to hijack the people's internet... IMHO

The have cut a deal with Getti Images and now have removed the "view image" button that lets you link and copy images you search. So when you search images there is no way to view the full image. They have also gotten rid of the search images icon in the main Google search bar.

Fortunately there is a 3rd party addon that will get them back.
GitHub - bijij/ViewImage: Extension to re-implement the "View Image" and "Search by image" buttons into google images.

This will work with Firefox and Chrome.

As an alternative you can use Bing and DuckDuckGo search engines.

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Do you have a screenshot function? I use it often. I'm on a MAC, but I'm not sure if windows has it.
I don't know why but on this pc, my main computer I cannot upload images from my computer. It always says upload failed. But I can on other computers on the same network. I shut off all my blockers and everything too.

Here is a pic from the web:

See the buttons have changed. (Visit; Save; View Saved; Share) There is not one that says "view image" anymore. Now the way they have it you can't really copy the image location or save the image easily.
The little addon I linked to will restore the view image button.

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That only shows you the thumbnail when you're in google images.
And it doesn't help with the image search function that has been removed.
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