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We needed a DI Box to finish a project behind the scenes at Next Gen. Since we have all the parts on hand, we figured, why not make one?

Get more detailed instructions (wiring layout and schematic) on our site:
Build Your Own Passive DI Box (video included)

Many of our commercial customers have shared their praise of the Hammond 1140-DB-A, so we designed this Passive DI Box around it (passive, meaning it doesn't require power). Being passive, there are some limitations to its use. It would be ideal for use with guitars that have medium/high output passive pickups and active pickups. But, being a higher grade transformer with low noise, it could arguably be used with quieter sources as well (within reason).

I would rate this a 2/5 on the difficulty scale. Basic soldering skills required, the ability to follow a wiring diagram/schematic, and of course the skill required to drill the holes in the box (stepper bit and drill press recommended).

Build safe and build awesome!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts