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This is somewhat on topic, yet tongue-in-cheek at the same time.

Could this be GuitarsCanada's first parody?

An interesting question, no? The other thread, and Greenman's reply made me think.

I've never owned or played a bass that wasn't stock for 20+ years playing. I accepted the basses I owned for what they were - nothing more and nothing less. I've owned basses worth about $250 to basses worth probably $5000 if I were to buy them now, and never thought (or dreamt) of modding them.

Yet, I was always "searching" for my sound. 2 FBasses, surely worth close to $10,000 if I were to commission George to build me them today, and I was "take or leave it" towards them; I eventually left them.

I've bought and modded 4 SX basses this last year and found myslef enjoying bass more than ever. Don't get me wrong, they're not THAT good. Now granted, if I had the $, I'd spring for something better & custom made off the hop, but have really found that modding something to be "more me", brings me more satisfaction, like the instrument is finally an "extension of me".
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