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I have a cabinet that looks like crap but I like the sound of it.
Just alot of wear. And I can put a new speaker in it myself.
I wouldn't buy an amp in the same condition because I'd figure the previous owner didn't take care of it and treat it right so there is probably a breakdown just waiting to happen.
Missing knobs drive me crazy. It really shows the owner doesn't care. Long and McQuade can get you new original equipment knobs in a couple of weeks for a couple of bucks. Same with handles.
Broke knob shafts drive me insane. I wouldn't buy it unless it was half of the normal price because I think it was really mistreated.
Any broken wood, I'm not touching it. Did the arsehole drop it down a flight of stairs?

So I'm effected by the looks, Yes.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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