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thetallcoolone said...
Did you play the bass too?
You got a pretty nice "metal" tone going.
I particularly liked the part starting at around 2:02, very nice idea.
Thanks for the kind words... thetallcoolone

Yes I played Bass... that was a EBMM Stingray I owned for a month or so. I sold it and bought a Traben bass. I usually keep my gear but

Glad you liked the tone... it's all the Boss BR1600 C.O.S.M. I did not mic any amps for guitar or bass... I usually do but for that track I dialed in a tone I liked by editing a patch and saved it in the user patch section. It's easy and very quick... great for when you are in that kinda mood! The Boss C.O.S.M. stuff is not bad at all these days.

@ 2:02... sometimes I like to break away from the basic theme I've been working and do something different and this time I used it as a bridge to crossover into a new theme within the song. I did'nt loop that part I simply played it repetativly... I prefer that to looping becasue it's challenging to "copy" a part manually and ultimatly it's not perfect and that keeps it human.

I used my 1987 Gibson SG for all guitars.

Take Care
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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