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Oh ok, you mean the Jerry Cantrell Wino Les Paul Signature? Also, for me it would be a 50/50 toss up between the Jaguar and the Jag-Stang...but the Jag-Stang is so weird that I think that would have to be the one for me.
im a lil confused just like ppl get when reading my stuff
put 100 down on the jag stang put 100 down on the wino let them told them keep my hundred but i have to back out of the fancy price of the jag stang it was 18 and change when i can get something tripple s and be good for all bases as ppl are telling me so sound wise now i just need to build my skill in my house currently are the two guitars on my name here but the wino is at the store and is paid off end of november
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