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Hello from Halifax!

I came across this forum while searching for the correct spelling of "Kijidiot" to add to a kijiji ad I was writing for sale of a guitar. An old post from 2014 was the first to pop up in the search results. :)

When I was in university I had bought an acoustic, learned one or two chords, but didn't dedicate any time to it. It ended up stuffed into a closet for a year then sold. Flash forward 20+/- years and I found myself wanting to learn an instrument (my wife says mid-life crisis, I say something to get me though non-motorcycle season). It's been about two years since deciding again on guitar and am loving it - I find it very meditative to play / practice after a long day at work.

I jump between acoustic and electric depending on how I feel on a given day. Current stable includes Seagull Artist Folk, PRS SE Custom 24, a newly acquired Godin Montreal Premiere, and a Beaver Creek travel size that I can strap to my bike when traveling.



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Very warm welcome Rick,
you will find great people on this corner of the internet.

You have great instruments and obviously they provide you great joy!

Rock On!!!

yours very truly
Some of those great people are also on his corner of the country.

Hello from Fall River

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Don't own a Godin but that's a handsome belle. And good value for money for us Canucks. Same price as south of the border discounted by 30% by the dollar. Excellent choice. Welcome and look forward to your posts.

From an itinerant poster. Hope you don't get swamped by the new storm incoming.
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