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Another old Maritimer here! Nice to see a Canuck forum/site. I've been kicking around the music scene in old Saint John for nigh on 40 years: met lots of great and interesting characters and a few I wish I hadn't. I've owned (and parted with) a ton of great gear over the years, and still love the sound of a good guitar thru a great amp. Currently playing drums with a blues oriented group , but looking forward to getting back on guitar with a couple of buddies in a three piece.

I'm playing a few Washburns thru a '74 Orange OR80, a new Koch Studiotone and a Crate V30H. I like to cover my mistakes with a Cry Baby and a Foxroxx Captain Coconut II (octave, fuzz and vibrato/chorus in one unit). Used to use a Tonebone Hot British, but realized how idiotic it was to try to make a great Brit' amp sound like a great Brit' amp!

Lookin forward to swappin' stories and tips with all of you.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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