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Hey Guys From Newfoundland!

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Just wanted to say hi to all the fellow gasers ,nice to find a Canadian forum
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Thanks guys cheers!
Thanks guys also im looking for fellow players and bands around st.john's area to play shows together right now im in an all orginal rock band working on tunes and were looking for like minded pl ,if your interested, and local give us a shout cheers!
GuitaristZ said:
I wonder if a member named "GoodMusician" joined...I wonder if there would be some king of epic battle...maybe with guitars? :rockon2: :eek: :DevilGuitar:
Nah it would be be like two different magnetic poles ,plus how could i be mad at another fellow guitar player (especialy if they have gear to sell ! lol)
Still searchin for a name really ,more concentrating on the tunes getting things worked out and set to record cheers!
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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