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"I hear t'ings..." -Joe Pesci

davetcan said:
How are "things" going ? :wink:
Slow but steady, Dave!

Still trying to keep my head above water as "things" keep coming in the door. Got a bit of a clear space on the floor then Freddie J dumped a new pile on me!

Artwork for the faceplate looks nice. Had to do a bit of research about keeping the reverb in a Marshall circuit. The old Marshalls never had reverb and made no easy circuit provision to add on in. Don't see any problem, 'tho. I found a few old Marshall schematics at the Dr. Tube website that featured reverb and although not a direct wiring plan it's enough to give a working idea.

Remember, there's a bit of a discount if the first thing you play through the amp is a blues tune! :)

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Sounds good :smile:

If it cleans up nicely with the volume knob and has nice reverb we'll do "Fool for your Stockings".

If not how's "Hoochie Coochie Man" ?

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