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I'm guessing we'd react just about the same. Classical music just isn't all that popular with the average person. So when one of the best players in the world sets up shop in a subway station with a 4 million dollar violin, to most people it's just "classical music". There's nothing special about it to them because they don't know the music well enough to hear that it's being played really well.

Obviously, there's a million other factors involved as well. I think that if you disguised a Bono or someone really famous and told them to play obscure songs that people haven't heard of, they'd probably get the same reaction. I mean, really, not many people pay attention to buskers. Then again, most of the population doesn't really care about music THAT much. I mean, they like to hear it and stuff, but not many really listen to it. They just wanna hear their favourite Jessica Simpson songs or whatever that Leeza Gibbons radio station happens to be playing. :tongue:

That's why I loved the article so much. It brought up SO many cool questions and factors about why nobody paid attention.
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