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Help Identifying a Bass

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I've had this bass for a while now, I don't know what model it is though. I know it's a Yamaha. that's pretty obvious.
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That would be an RBX375.

Actually I have no friggin clue, but it sounded good!

I would think it is from the RBX series, or perhaps just before they were called RBX.
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lol ok, I was thinking it was a BB something, because that was the only series I found on their site that was clear-coated maple. But you're probably right with the RBX, for all I know this might be 10-15 years old. Thx.:thanks5qx:
Looks to me like it is a 2 or 3 piece body. Are you sure it wasn't refinished at some point in it's life?
It's a 3 piece body, and It was not refinished.
It has their little "quality yamaha bass" stamp on it
here's tha back of the body
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nice. I've always liked natural wood.

I still think it's an RBX of some description or a precursor to that name.
I posted on the talkbass forums, I'm hoping that at least one of their 52 000 members knows what it is.
Hey Xanadu. Are you Xanadu Pyro that was posting over at HCBF?
yep, the one and the same
the guys on talkbass, say its an RBX270. I guess you were right.:thanks5qx:
Xanadu said:
the guys on talkbass, say its an RBX270. I guess you were right.:thanks5qx:
thank-you, thank-you very much.
lol, well i got the yamaha part right..:D
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