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HELP ME! Re: Vox LE ToneLab stomp-box:

Can anyone tell me how to save a "patch"/program to the Control pedal???
I can't find ANY info in the manual. This is such an important "must-have" function!
But HOW is it done???
-Andy Stout

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From Manualslib:

When your tweaking has resulted in a sound you're happy with, store (write) it!

1. Press the WRITE button (4.7).
The name display (3.1) shows "WRITE" and the bank display (3.4) and one of program LEDs 1–4 will blink.
Use value knob 6 (2.2) or the ▲, ▼ buttons (4.2) to select the bank you want to use, and use

2. the √ √ √ √ , ® ® ® ® buttons to select the destination program (1–4).
For example if you want to store your program in 9-1 (bank 9, program 1), use value knob 6 or the ▲, ▼ buttons to make the bank display show "9," and then use the √ √ √ √ , ® ® ® ® buttons to make the program 1 pedal LED blink.

HINT: You can also select the store-destination program by using the BANK UP/DOWN switches or the program 1–4 select buttons.

3. Press the WRITE button (4.7) once again.
The name display will indicate "COMPLETE." Your program is now stored, and you'll be back in Program Select mode.

NOTE: The program is written over the previous contents of that bank/program. The program that previously occupied the number you selected in step 2 will be erased.

NOTE: If you decide not to store your new program, press the EXIT/TUNE button (4.8) to cancel the procedure.

NOTE: If you switch to a different program or turn off the power without storing the program you edited, your changes will be lost.


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Yes, I know how to write a program and save it to one of the 4 pedals.
What the Vox manual fails to explain is HOW to "write" (i.e., SAVE) a program/effect to the Control Foot Switch (Not the EXPRESSION Pedal).
My goal is to be able to step on the Control Pedal and get fuzz (even if it's a whole other program)...and then step on it again to return to the previous/same program without the fuzz.
(Just like having a separate fuzz pedal. Other effects do, that are already built in to the Vox LE.
Why can't I create my own programs that work the same way???

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Vox Tonelabs are awesome, once you read the manual, understand it ..... you'll never regret it .
Just like foot pedals , multi effects units never become obsolete.
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I had a couple of versions of the Tonelabs, including the LE. I found them to be excellent, easy to dial in and full of great tones.

I'm sorry but I can't help with the programming question as I haven't had a Tonelab for quite a few years now.

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