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Hello From Southern Ontario

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Hello, my name is Mark and I live about 3/4 hour southwest of Hamilton Ont.
I came upon this site from a thread on a Telecaster forum.
I have four guitars right now, an El Degas SG copy (my first guitar when I was 10), A Kramer F1000, Kramer Focus and a Telecaster kit guitar.
I have been practicing with a band for about 4 months now to hopefully start playing festivals this summer.
I also drag race with my kids (Jr Dragster class), am into offroad golf carts and just recently started to build my own effects pedals.
I am looking forward to participating in this forum:rockon2:

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Welcome aboard.
Where exactly from hamilton?
jimmy peters said:
Welcome aboard.
Where exactly from hamilton?
Towards Lake Erie.
Just outside the small town of Fisherville.
There is a dragstrip not far from my house and when the Top Fuelers run I can listen to them and then hear the echo out over the lake.
That's music to my ears !!! None

Welcome aboard, :food-smiley-004:

I'm a newcomer too... Probably saw the same thread as you on the tele forum :wink:
hey short circut....
welcome to the site....
I will bet you like it here....

Hi everyone......
I can't remember what thread on the Tele forum I saw this on.:eek:
Ya I do like this site. I have been lurking around for the last few days.
Lots of good stuff here :rockon2:

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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