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"Hell hounds on my trail..."

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It's been a strange week. I was driving down Barton Street into the old core of Hamilton. I had my CD of Crowbar's "Official Music" on the van player.

Just as Biscuit Boy (Richard Newel) was blowin' "Hoy, Hoy, Hoy!" I pass a new diner with a bright new sign. "Crowbar Restaurant", it says.

The following day I'm in a thrift store picking through old vinyl LPs and find a great cover of a release called "Super Blues" with Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters and Willy Dixon. Unfortunately there's no LP inside - it's an empty cover.

I get home and I'm putting some CDs back in the rack and taking out some fresh ones for new stock in the van when my cat jumps up on the top of the CD rack. This rack is just over my head in height and the cat knocks down a CD - it's the same album, "Super Blues"! I must have bought it years ago, put it up there and forgot about it.

What's next?:eek:
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Ahh, yes. The 80's. Nothing much for me there either. Right now I am waiting for my "Chicago Blues Jam" cd's to arrive.

The Police. I never really had a taste for them. But what can you expect from a player who's favourite amp is a Roland jazz chorus.
Hamm Guitars said:
:eek: You must be doing something right because I've never heard a Jazz Chorus that didn't sound tinny and out of phase. To be fair, most players that I have seen using them were rock players and a few country players. I'm guessing that they sound good clean with a hollow body plugged straight in, and as the name implies, playing Jazz.

I owned a 120 for about a week and I could't get a sound I liked out of it myself, allthough I depend heavily on a distorted tone. I could, however, get a tone out of my mother's old fireplace/stereo with a Sears Harmony Strat and a Big Muff....

Please don't take offense. But after doing sound for almost twenty years there are two things that make me cringe - A drummer that shows up with two kick drums and twelve toms, and a guitar player that walks in with a Roland Jazz Chorus.

I have never liked the Rolands. I was actually refering to the guitarist in the Police. Reading my post again I could have been clearer. A lot of the equipment and music of the 80's seemed to me to be about stripping away every last ounce of the organic nature of music and replacing it with synthesized sounds. I have never understood why any one would want to make a keyboard sound like a guitar and vice versa.

I've actually got a Marshall and am looking to build an 18 watt.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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