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Haven't played for a few days

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Spring has sprung, the grass is riz...I wonder where my guitar is? Yard-work projects have started with a great deal of intensity. Over the past weekend I did a major grass raking job (9 big bags), detailed the little miss' car, completed the fence with my neighbour, cleaned up the garage and started ripping apart the deck.

My house is almost 30 years old so there are a lot of things to do...most of the inside is complete (not a room untouched) and now I need to get busy with the outside. I have done a whole bunch of landscaping and tree-pruning already (huge spruces and birches) but I need to take care of the deck before somebody falls through and breaks a leg...then there is the back stretch of fence with boards falling as fast as I can patch it up. I also need to build some planter boxes around all those trees...

My legs ache, my back is screaming and my hands have seized up. I hope I can play tomorrow. Anybody else in the same shape as me?

Getting old is a b-i-t-c-h...
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I could have written almost exactly what you wrote, including the 30 year old house part (didn't have to fix my SO's car, tho' :tongue: ) I raked up 3 bags of stuff, trimmed back old dead perennials, rototilled the garden soil, cleaned up copious amounts of pigeon poop (don't ask). I couldn't even move my arms the next day. I feel so guilty when I don't practice/play. I'm actually sitting here playing the guitar right now in my jammies, before *life* hijacks my day! The good thing is it comes back to you really fast.

How do you make planter boxes around trees? Do you have a pattern/plan for that? It sounds like such a nice idea.
You may not like getting old, but it sure beats hell outa dying young!

ClintonHammond said:
You may not like getting old, but it sure beats hell outa dying young!
Good top things off I came down with a wicked cold yesterday that put me flat out on the couch for a couple days. I feel as though I am dying (relatively) young.

As for the planter boxes...I will probably just frame the trees in using landscape ties. I was hoping to stack flat slabs of rock but I haven't been able to find a supply close by, and purchasing all the rock I need would be an insane amount of money. I can't even find any recycled bricks around here these days. I have used landscape ties in the past in other homes and at my friend's places...the trick is to anchor them well by sinking some posts into the ground and then building the wall up in an interlocking pattern like lego. Rebar and construction adhesive also helps hold everything together.

I'm getting sore just thinking about how much work this is going to be.
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