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I got the Nano Clone (not the XO Clone Theory) from Guitarparts just a couple of weeks ago. And I think I jumped the gun on this one as I happened to be the first ones to buy it and probably one of the first ones to realize that it has a "problem".

The pedal works fine with a battery as well as my PSA-5 when used alone. However, when daisy chained with other pedals, it shuts off the power on all the pedals. I initially thought it was part of the design and just might be draining all the power from the PSA so I tried it with a separate power supply and it worked. It's only when I came across this thread at HC that I realized that it was really a design flaw.

Check out this thread and look for the post on the first page by Rick Stevenson of EHX explaining the "issue" with the pedal.

BTW, the pedal as it is for me is just "okay". Being a single knob pedal (Rate) and nothing else, there's really not much to tweak with this pedal. IMO, it delivers the Cobain chorus sound but it can get hissy at high rates.

Anyway, for those who are interested in buying one, I would suggest you wait until they have "fixed" the issue with it as Rick has mentioned, they are working on it. It was also mentioned in Rick's post that this is also an issue with the Nano Muff Distortion. The rest of the other new pedals are okay.
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