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Has anybody tried out a Traynor YCS50 yet?

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Nobody sells them in the town where I live, and I am wondering if it will be worth the drive to go check one out. Anybody?
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I've heard that the USA/BRIT switch on channel 2 of the YCS50 affects the gain in channel 1 as well...does anyone know if this is legit? Does the switch affect both channels?
so i got mine out for a bit today...i tried it...if anything...i thought that with the brit/usa switch engaged to brit accenuated the low mids a little more..not a lot...but just enough that you can tell a difference...

i'd like to hear what you guys think...did it do the same for you guys?

i personally didn't think it changed it enough to warrant the useage...what it did do, was throw my clean sound out...i can't quite get a clean sound i like with the switch engaged to brit mode...i like clean clean...and the brit just gave it some hair, if you will...not quite my thing...

can't wait to hear other opinions though!
Hey guys, I've recently noticed that my YCS-50 produces a very large amount of hiss when I have the gain cranked up. Is this normal? I usually play with it in the 15W mode and have my master volume around 1 or 2 o'clock with the gain and channel volume almost cranked.Would switching to the 50W mode and turning down the master volume reduce the hiss?
Hey Toogy...How'd you fix this? Or did you? I'm thinking about getting a noise gate...
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