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Has anybody tried out a Traynor YCS50 yet?

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Nobody sells them in the town where I live, and I am wondering if it will be worth the drive to go check one out. Anybody?
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I had a YCS50 for about a month and took it back. Great amp but I could not dial in a clean tone I liked. I posted a long review in a thread on it.
Tarl, were can we get your review ?
Thanks for the info Tarl and I did read it all !
I'm very interested in the YCS50 and while tone evaluation is subjective, the info you brought is interesting. I've tried one about two weeks ago but not for very long (about 20 minutes). Did'nt have the time to test everything, mainly the 15 watts option, but found the clean up to my taste !
The tubes are : 3 12AX7 and 2 5881

Here are the features from Traynor's site :

Selectable 50-watt Class-AB / 15-watt Class-A output
1x12-inch Celestion Vintage30™ Speaker
Footswitchable full Two Channel Configuration
Brit / USA Voicing Switch on Clean Channel
Modern & Scoop Voicing Switches on Lead Channel
Parallel and Loop-thru Effects Sends and Returns
Vintage style Accutronics Long-Spring Reverb
Master Volume, Defeatable Presence and Resonance Controls
Solid Plywood Cabinet Construction
Aluminum chassis
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Yes, the Brit. mode gives you a bit more "hair" as you say, mainly when the amp is on 15W and the gain is around 1:00 or 2:00 o'clock (I love this setting !). If you really want a clean, clean tone, try the USA mode with the 50W setting and ajust the EQ to taste. Try to keep the gain as low as possible, even with the 15W setting, you can have less "hair" this way. And bringing the guitar's volume down a bit will help also.

And no, the Brit.-USA button does not work with the gain channel.
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