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Has anybody tried out a Traynor YCS50 yet?

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Nobody sells them in the town where I live, and I am wondering if it will be worth the drive to go check one out. Anybody?
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Well, if your looking for first hand proof, I don't have any. Its just a hunch.
I have read that there are reliability probs with some of the other models, and they seem to show up used quite a bit already. I do know, that the ones I have tried cannot hold a candle to my old Traynors, with good glass and speakers, plus the reliability factor is a known quantity with the vintage beasts. The new trannies cannot compare with the old Hammond iron either.
I am old school, so sue me.

I'd be surprised if they chuck every one out a third floor window as part of QC too. I guess we should come back in 40 years and see if these new ones are still running... :D

Are they really built in Canada (rather than whatever market weasel speak parses out to built in China/Indonesia and them imported by a Canadian company like so many others)? That would be a big plus for me.
How about the YGM-3 RI? The one linked to has way too many buttons, switches and knobs for me to ever deal with. I'd spend all day tweaking the controls and never play anything...
I'm pretty old school too :food-smiley-004:
1 - 1 of 69 Posts
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